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  • What sort of media are used in these works?
    Paper, cardboard, acrylic paints and ink, ribbon, fabric, silk papers, sari ribbon, watercolor paints, markers, and (sorry) glitter.
  • Why do you give some of your work away for free?
    Because of Dolly Parton. Seriously. I heard a podcast interview she did with Brene Brown, and they were talking about vulnerability. Dolly said: "“You have to allow yourself to be open and you can’t just shut these doors because you want to and you’d prefer to, maybe, but that’s not how you’re going to become a good quality human being that’s going to be able to serve humanity in the best ways you can.” I am getting old, and one of the few things I can do any more is this art. Sharing it at my church has meant a lot, so I thought I'd take this next step to share it more broadly.
  • Where do you get your ideas?
    The church I attend uses the "Common Lectionary," which recommends scripture for reading every week. Reading these lessons usually evokes images for me, which I try to capture on paper. Other ideas just pop up in my head -- I highly recommend Elizabeth Gilbert's book Big Magic for a great exposition of how The Muse works!
  • What's with the rabbit?
    I have no idea, really. But, for some reason, the rabbit has become my personal totem -- there is something about the innocence and determination that speaks to me. And for me.

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