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Hi, I'm Sue...


Practicing art only came to me later in life.  I'd spent my working years with words:  writing, editing, analyzing. I developed a love for practical theology, with a Masters in Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary, a few years as a United Methodist pastor, and several stints as a volunteer instructor at the College of the Transfiguration in Makhanda (then Grahamstown) South Africa.

When I retired, I decided to try using a different part of my brain, and take art lessons. I started with watercolor. It was awful.  I was awful.  But it was also fascinating, and as I studied colors and shapes and practiced painting techniques, I started to see the world differently.  I noticed colors and shapes.  I could see technique in the artwork of others.

Then I discovered mixed media -- using different kinds of paper, paint, ink, ribbon, texture past, drywall tape, leaves, anything that glue will hold down -- and the angels sang.  I love it!  It is a joy to play with colors and textures, to make messes and figure out how to fix them, to express things without using words.

My mixed media teacher asked our class one day to write an "Artist's Statement" -- a few words to describe the purpose of our work.  My answer came to me whole:  "To open hearts and lift spirits."  The images and themes in my work are about hope, about the yearnings of our hearts to soar freely and with authenticity, and about the possibilities of connection with all creation.

In the pandemic shut-down of 2020, my church (St. Dunstan's Episcopal in Bethesda, MD) began using my work as illustrations during our "Zoom" worship sessions.  This made me so happy, I've decided to make the images available for free download, in the hope that other folks, especially faith communities, might find them useful and uplifting, as well. And, in recognition of my work, St. Dunstan's named me their Liturgical Artist-in-Residence in August of 2021

A note about my logo:  the world of mixed media is filled with

images of girlish, smooth, slender young women.  My woman

is wrinkled and spotty and spiky;  she's been around, seen a few

things, lost a few nights' sleep -- and she still has a sense of

humor about life.  I think she looks interesting, like someone

who would be fun to hang out with.  Hope you do, too!


Art to 

Lift Spirits

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